Kemp Mill Synagogue's
19th Annual Banquet


Shlomo Gaisin
           Shlomo Gaisin
Shlomo Gaisin
Shlomo Gaisin is a senior at the Melvin J. Berman Hebrew Academy, where he has been a student ever since three-year-old nursery. Shlomo’s entire family has been members of KMS since its inception, the year before he was born; Shlomo can proudly say that he has been a lifelong member of KMS!

Shlomo has always been a huge fan of KMS Kiddushes, and his fond memories root back to his childhood years, when KMS was still in its original, “heimesh” facility- the “shul house”.

Rabbi Starr sparked Shlomo’s interest in the KMS Youth Minyan when he recruited Shlomo as a layner. Since then, Shlomo has enjoyed honing his Baal Tefillah and Baal Keriyah skills at the Youth Minyan throughout his high school years. He laynes on a regular basis, and is often called upon, by the neighborhood youth gabbai’im, a day or two before Shabbos, because Shlomo is known to be willing to take on Torah readings, even lengthy ones, at the very last minute. He has layned all of the five Megillas in the Kemp Mill communities and beyond.

An alumnus of the Bnei Akiva youth groups, Shlomo has graduated to the status of Madrich (counselor) during the last few years, which allows him to give back to the community through the very same program that’s given him so much. He’s participated in the KMS Choir while in middle school and spent some time as Gabbai Shelishi while in high school.

Not only does Shlomo love davening, layning and the shul’s atmosphere in general, but he also treasures the times he spends walking to and from shul; this commute is a very special and inspirational time for Shlomo, because as he’s walking, he often finds musical inspiration in the air conducive to composing and singing.

Shlomo very much appreciates the experiences and opportunities that the KMS Youth Minyan has offered him.

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